Wholesale supplier of premium quality firewood

Established in 1997, Quiklight Fire Kindling is a family-run business supplying quality bulk fire kindling to major national supermarket chains, independent retailers, garden centres and petrol stations throughout the UK and Ireland. We supply and deliver excellent quality seasoned softwood logs and other fire kindling for own label wholesale kindling purposes at extremely competitive prices. It is ideal for open fires, stoves and barbecues. We have an abundant stock and can deliver your order within 4 days. However, for urgent orders of fire kindling suppliescontact us in advance.

Quality, kiln-dried firewood supply and delivery

Our timber is naturally sourced from FSC Certified Forestry in Ireland. It is then kiln-dried to moisture content of 16% or below to ensure quick lighting. The timber is sawn and split, then neatly packed in plastic bags or nets. These bags are then built onto pallets, wrapped and covered with a weather-proof heat shrunk hood to ensure the kindling is kept clean and dry. We package and brand the product as Quiklight. However, for own label wholesale kindling purposes it can be produced with your own labelling requirements.


For quality bulk kindling supplies and local cash and carry fuel services throughout the UK and Ireland, contact Quiklight Fire Kindling